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NZ: A Brawl Erupts In Parliament Grounds

A brawl between the police and the citizens of New Zealand has erupted on Parliament grounds. Some people have been arrested as police moved in to remove tents and arrest people who are camped there. This anti-mandate protest is in it’s third day and many people are not budging.
Most are protesting Covid-19 mandates, the Bill of Rights abuses, and censorship. Some people also appear to be protesting about the three waters reform and the use of 1080.
Despite the arrests, the crowd in the grounds seems to have grown.

Rumour has it that the police have stopped the Cook Straight Ferries from crossing so that South Islanders can’t get across to support the occupation.

The Wellington City Council is trying to intimidate vehicle owners by ticketing all vehicles that are blocking the streets.

The Council have also called tow trucks in an attempt to shift the gridlock. Someone suggested tow trucks could be barricaded in by arriving vehicles.

More people are on their way to Wellington to support the occupation..

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