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Dr Tom Cowan: The Virus Is A Complete Fraud

“The scientific Community want you to believe that a non-diagnostic test can diagnose a virus that they do not have a sequence for.”

In an interview with Dr Tom Cowan, he carefully and deliberately goes through the scientific steps that are necessary to identify a virus in order to be able to diagnose it in people.
Firstly he uses the example of extracting caffeine from coffee to be able to determine whether or not caffeine elevates the blood pressure. He goes through a number of stages that are not going to give an accurate reading. Then he finally arrives at the stage where pure caffeine is extracted from beans which will give an accurate reading.

Then he applies this scientific procedure to to the identifying of a virus. He explains how scientists over time have taken the mucus of people with chickenpox and put it in a centrifuge which separates things by weight and extracted the pure virus.

Then they would expose an animal to the extracted pure virus, and non of them got sick.

“Over twenty years scientists have taken ever type of viral illness they could find, they isolated and purified the virus, no animal or human got sick and they said, basically there is nothing to this.”

“Here’s the shocking thing, nobody has isolated the corona virus from anybody with Covid-19.”

Dr Cowan then goes at length, through all of the official documents and studies, including from the CDC which say, they have not been able to isolate the corona virus. In all of the studies, the scientists had no piece of the virus with which to make a test, the test that is being used all over the world called the PCR test and is used to document cases is ‘a complete fraud’.

“They have never isolated a virus and said this is a unique piece of that virus, because they have no virus.”

He then quotes from Pfizer about making their RNA vaccine..

“They say that to build an RNA vaccine, scientists do not need the actual virus. In other word Pfizer admits that they have no virus with which to make a vaccine against a virus. They call it a theoretical virus. I would change the word theoretical to say, an imaginary virus or a make believe virus.”

“So they are using a make believe virus, which they have never isolated, they don’t know the sequence of, they don’t know the components of, to make a vaccine against this virus.”

“People have sent me about twenty peer reviewed articles claiming that they have isolated the corona virus. When you look at each paper it’s very clear, that nobody has ever isolated the virus, it’s a fraud.”

You can watch the full video interview with Doctor Cowan Here.

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  1. Chris Chris February 17, 2022

    God bless you Dr Tom Cowan, because you can save humanity from much suffering perpetrated by psychopaths whose evil agenda is beyond comprehension.

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