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Everything Makes Sense When You Look Through the Lens Of ‘Because They Are Trying To Kill Us’

Recently I met someone who was completely perplexed by what is going on in society at the moment. I felt compelled to offer some sort of suggestion that may help.

“I can’t understand why the government are taking actions that are so confusing,” she said. “The mandates and the vaccines, they aren’t helping, they’re making things worse and I’m constantly feeling frightened.”

It occurred to me that this person was completely oblivious to what is actually happening on a national and an international level.
I asked her where she was getting her information from.

She replied “from ‘the news’ of course.”

“Well that’s why none of it makes sense,” I said, “try shifting your frame of reference.”

“As an exercise, see the motivations of those in authority from this point of view..”

Because they are trying to kill us, see if that makes a difference.”

“But why would they want to do that”, she retorted?

“Well, perhaps because they are insane and at war with us and themselves,” I said.

It’s as if on some level this person new that such an unimaginable perspective could in fact solve many of the questions that she had been battling with but she could still not bring herself to believe it.

“Try it,” I said, “just follow that train of thought and see where it takes you. In the mean time don’t allow yourself to be bullied into anything.”

The woman nodded and walked off. I knew she was on the way home to watch the six o’clock news.


  1. Jane doe Jane doe February 14, 2022

    Well, what happened the next time you talked to her?

    • Dan Willis Dan Willis Post author | February 14, 2022

      Hi jane doe,
      The woman is hypnotised, not much can be done.

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