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Israeli Truckers Roll Into Town

A huge contingent of truckers are converging on Jerusalem. It is thought to be forty thousand strong and hundreds of them took the main highway connecting Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and gathered in front of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

Outside Israel’s parliament, citizens have joined Israel’s Freedom Convoy to call for an immediate annulment to Israel’s state of emergency and to the recent “Enabling Act” which establishes the infrastructure for Covi-19 laws and which compromise basic human rights.

Israel is one of many countries where people took inspiration from Canada to start their own freedom convoys.

In France, similar protests have taken place over the weekend despite attempts by police to harass and intimidate truck drivers there.

Other freedom convoy protests were also reported in New Zealand, Australia Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile in Canada, the freedom convoy which started last month is still ongoing in Ottawa, with considerable growth in numbers over the weekend.

In an attempt to thwart the protesters efforts to gain their freedoms back, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked the “Emergencies Act” (EA), something unprecedented in Canada since 1970.

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