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NZ:  RSA Bans Unjabbed Veterans

I recently had a conversation with a decorated ex-SAS veteran soldier who confided in me that he had received an email from the Returned Services Association in the latter part of November, informing himself and all other RSA members that they are no longer welcome in any RSA buildings unless they have the jab.

When I heard this I couldn’t believe the depths to which the government mandate had fallen.
A man who had put his life on the line many times over several government sanctioned, overseas operational deployments, was now unable to socialise in an organisation that was put in place to cater for these very people.

Wounded soldiers founded the New Zealand organisation in 1916 when they returned from Gallipoli. The local RSAs have become a well known meeting place or restaurant where anyone is welcome, until now.

From the official RSA website..

“Our mission is to remember and support and advocate for all those impacted by service for New Zealand.”

“We believe in a nation joined by a heartfelt connection to the ANZAC spirit of courage, commitment, comradeship and compassion.”

One has to ask the question, has this mission been abandoned?

Very often these soldiers arrive back from active duty with PTSD issues, sometimes they are even unaware that they have them. A place to go like the RSA to socialise with other veterans is often an invaluable part of the healing process.

The veteran I was talking to, upon reading the email he received, took it upon himself to immediately visit the local RSA which he is a member of. He asked the manager if there was a provision for the unjabbed  to be able to use the facilities and was told apologetically NO because they had to follow the government Covid-19 guidelines.
There are a significant number of ex-service members in this situation,  the idea that these loyal men and  women are being excluded and even ostracised under the guise of a national pandemic seems not only overkill but also cruel.

Lest we forget


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