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NZ: Propaganda Watch In Wellington

In any war a propaganda machine is an integral part of the arsenal and when a war is ninety-five percent a psyop (psychological operation) then the propaganda machine is working overtime. That is how the New Zealand government appears to be dealing with the occupation of parliament grounds.

A smear campaign against the protesters is regularly appearing in MSM (main stream media) with accusations of abuse, faeces throwing and even acid throwing. One can almost see government employees sitting in the halls of power making up the next line of accusations to feed a gullible public.

Protesters on the other hand say that the truth is a quite different. They are well organised and although determined and sometimes boisterous about their cause, a genuine repour has been forged with the police and they are surprisingly disciplined when pressure is applied.

Last night I watched a video of another convoy of cars arriving in the dark at parliament grounds and although the initial excitement was obvious from the protesters, they pulled back from the convoy and when a line of police was created and a chant went up “LOVE AND PEACE“.

From the protesters point of view they are being bombarded with scorn and hatred from sources that very often have no cognisance of what is actually happening and even more of the same from officialdom, an officialdom that appears to be completely disconnected from the citizens they serve. Although asked many, many times there has been no attempt at dialog by the government to remedy the situation and when asked for proof of abuse by protesters against police, it has not been forthcoming.

The Police Commissioner says he does not want a repeat of the 1981 Rugby Springbok riot at Eden Park and so is taking a careful approach to the situation.. one has to wonder though how long it will be before UN thugs are deployed against the protesters as has occurred in Ottawa.

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