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Same Pantomime, Different Act: ‘Engineered Shortages’

The war against the old normal by governments is entering a new phase. Supply lines are being deliberately sabotaged in order to create shortages which leaves the door wide open for price gouging and racketeering like we have never seen before. Petrol prices are rocketing, container shipping is being manipulated and small businesses closing at a fast rate as they cannot obtain imported goods to replenish supplies for their shrinking customer bases. The result is closure.

Why would a government want to create shortages? To collapse small business thus gaining complete control over peoples’ lifestyles through the strict allocation of goods and services.

Will it work? No, because individuality is a human trait that cannot be suppressed. The idea of a corporatised, slave world with an authoritarian oligarchy controlling the planet is born of an egocentric mindset. One that will eventually find no alternative but to capitulate or destroy itself.

Engineering shortages may work for the globalists in the short term but human ingenuity will eventually triumph, it always has.

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