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A Global Absence Of Governance

The current bunch of globalists believe everything must be centralised..finances, economics, production, society and government. They argue that such centralisation makes the system “equitable” for everyone while in reality they desire a system in which they have total control over every aspect of life.
Such globalists, especially want to dominate and micro-manage every detail of civilisation with the social engineering of humanity into the image of their choice. In the current case, a soulless corporatocracy in which a single currency system exists that is digitised and easy to track. This cashless society in which every act of trade by every person can be watched and scrutinised will no longer be privatised and a cashless system would be the foundation of one world governance.

These people want to erase all national borders and national and personal sovereignty to create a single elite bureaucracy, the illusion of public participation may exist for a short while but ultimately, such globalists desire a faceless and unaccountable government, an unchallenged corporate institution without liability able to run the world in a sociopathic manner. One in which there can be no right to petition those in power.

Corporate globalists abhor religion yet worship eugenics, they believe that genetics must be controlled and regulated, and those people they deem to be undesirables must be sterilised or exterminated.
The behaviour of these globalists is narcopathic, they are are devoid of empathy and are fully self-obsessed. Sometimes their arrogance is so brazen that they proudly describe how they are masters among slaves, who are their inferiors. They are prone to delusions of grandeur.

Hierarchical representation has run it’s course.

Yes, humans are on the cusp of a new way of living but what these narcopaths have in mind is not new, it has plagued humanity for thousands of years. Totalitarianism and fascism in it’s many guises including democracy has exhausted itself, that is why these twisted obsessives are determined to ‘build back better’ in ways that have always served them in the past, this time as a communistic corporatocracy.

Instead, a non hierarchical system is needed. One that will foster personal autonomy and empower rather than control. A truly free society with a set of guidelines to follow rather than rubber bullets, jack boots and truncheons to be fearful of.
Is it possible? Sure, where there is a will, there is a way, we just have to design and live it. I’d love to hear of any ideas that people may have of such a system.

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