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NZ: Supermarkets Apologise For Gaps On Shelves

I went to a New World supermarket yesterday to stock up on supplies and received a surprise while wandering down one of the aisles. Usually the loud speaker system broadcasts inaudibly loud staff messages, annoying music or Covid propaganda but on this occasion the message was actually an apology..

It went something like this. “We here at New World know you must have noticed some gaps on the shelves. This has come about due to our supply lines being under stress due to Covid. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to fill those gaps and are working as hard as we can to achieve this. Thankyou.”

I’ve had a night to think about this and have realised that supermarkets are up against some formidable obstacles to being able to achieve their goal of full shelves. They are endeavouring to retain a normal. Even if it is a supermarket normal, it is one that many people rely on to base their household existences around, but in war time, be it a psychological or a physical war there are always shortages. Why, because a strategic ploy of an enemy is to break down the supply lines of an opponent, firstly to create low morale, secondly to starve them into submission and thirdly to collapse systems (businesses) that are reliant on the movement of goods.

Anyone who thinks that Covid is responsible for shortages in supermarkets or in any other type of business is sadly mistaken. This is deliberate. Mountains of containers are appearing around ports. Are they full or are they empty? The fact that they are there and not moving around the planet speaks volumes.

There is no doubt in my mind that shortages will only get worse. This is part of the agenda, to break down all forms of a normal that the enemy wishes to replace.
Fortunately there is one dynamic that this particular enemy hasn’t taken into account, ‘the indomitable spirit of downtrodden humans’ to endure, adapt and overcome adversity. Freedom will eventually find a way.

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