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NZ: Inflation, Power Prices And Benefits Rise

Two major announcements in the news today.. Power is to skyrocket in price and Winz Benefits will rise.
Estimations are that families will be paying up to an extra $1000 a year for electricity while benefits are likely to increase by between $20 and $42 per person per week.

Critics say the increases are barely keeping up with inflation and don’t take into account cost of living which is soaring daily.

The Government blames Covid for the rapid rise of inflation and makes no connection with the massive spending it has indulged in since being in office.

Power companies say the large increases are caused by high charges by some lines companies, and the costs of servicing electricity metres.
The Government announced that this is good reason to once again regulate the electricity industry which has been deregulated by previous governments.

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  1. Keith Keith April 7, 2022

    I have never seen or heard of a meter being serviced, surely that would be a one off situation and would be the responsibility of the owner of the device.

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