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NZ: Mainstream Media Ramping Up The Variant Fear

Mainstream Media in New Zealand continue to make things look as serious as they can with fake statistics of ‘cases’ and stories of masses of variant deaths on a daily basis. Globalists have obviously been instructing editors to find a new gear so that more of the population can be taken out with the jab. That’s what some believe is the continuing plan, generate fear and administer poison. Think that’s wrong, there are a lot of very knowledgeable immunologists, epidemiologists, doctors and nurses who think otherwise and are seriously concerned at the lies that are being propagated by the media?
More and more professionals are demanding the cessation of the vaccinations (and tests) immediately because too many people are dying and an analysis of the vaccines is ringing alarm bells ‘loudly’.

Six Billion is the target.

Fake news is capable of turning tapioca into a deadly threat in the minds of the hypnotisable, and the predator class’s plan to reduce the planet population by six billion is well under way. New Zealand killers in particular have had plenty of ongoing success, because being such a parochial society NZ is particularly vulnerable to the manipulations that psychotic psychologists and PR experts concoct.

The Mind is the Battlefield

Make no mistake, World War III has arrived and the battle is for the mind of every individual out there and how do we know that, just look at what’s ‘in the sickening media’ and the faces of people in the streets, that’s if you can see them, most in New Zealand are so trussed up in face nappies that their fear is hidden. The fact that so much of the population are hiding behind these muzzles is proof that they are traumatised by fear, fear that has been drilled into them on television, internet news, newspapers, local news and the radio. Face masks have little to ‘no’ effect but still people wear them, even when it says on the boxes that they come in that they cannot prevent the spread of Covid or it’s variants.

What can we do?

Hug people, that will work. If you have already, don’t continue to get jabbed. Socialise, don’t wear futile masks and above all, don’t watch the mainstream media news, life will be much sweeter if you avoid it.


  1. Keith Keith April 4, 2022

    ‘Trussed up’ please.

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