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Is The Need For Secret Societies Returning?

Secret societies have always been around but in recent decades there has been a trend to uncover and reveal the hidden truths and doctrines that are held by such groups. The Freemasons are a good example. Their lodges once proliferated but now are sadly dwindling, often seen standing idle, sold or closed down. There are exceptions of course. I often drive by a Masonic Lodge in the North Island of New Zealand and what a fine old building it is, obviously carefully maintained with gardens and pride of place. What occurs in such buildings has often necessarily been of a secretive nature because they have grades of achievement and knowledge built into their system. We now know that three levels exist in Freemasonry.. Apprentice, Fellowcraft, Master Mason and that there are at least thirty-three degrees of Freemasonry. But even this was not always known to the general populous.

Interestingly when fascism took hold in Nazi Germany the Freemasons were not cruelly persecuted but also not tolerated. Most Masonic Lodges during that time were forced to close, the result was that Freemasonry largely went underground in Germany becoming a truly secretive organisation.

When fascism comes to power it has a strong tendency to censor and dismantle any groups with a belief system that do not abide by it’s own doctrines.
Christianity, or the Christian Church has often done this too since it’s inception.

But an alternative for people of like mind who do not always feel it intellectually or morally desirable to go along with the prevailing or imposed opinion is always there, waiting to be activated during oppressive times and one has to ask the question, are we entering such a time now?
Censorship by governments and harsh measures under the guise of a fake pandemic is becoming chronic with restrictions of speech and thought becoming the ‘new norm’. Programming through mainstream media is beginning to have a devastating effect on populations and if the maniacs who are pushing this agenda are at all successful then free thinkers will likely have little choice but to form secret groups of like minded friends. This is already starting with the unjabbed having regular meetings which are organised online.

Already New Zealand public libraries have been purging picture books and literature from their shelves that do not suit the globalist agenda and there has been talk by puppet politicians of a purging of private belief systems. They do this in North Korea and China and have done for some time.
Perhaps the situation is fast approaching in western countries when societies will once again need to find sanctuary beneath the surface of a hostile world and exist in secret.

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