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Deep Fake: CGI Political Manipulations

I recently encountered some online information that describes how easy it is now to create a deep fake content with CGI Software. This medium is becoming so convincing that even government agencies have difficulty discerning differences from the real thing.
News has arrived at the stage where not only what is being reported is highly suspect (fake news) but what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears from political figures can be constructed with algorithms, voice synthesis and the reconstruction of current footage and sound bytes.

Programs like FakeApp which is the most popular piece of software can be time consuming to make convincing videos, while new arrivals on the scene are quick and compelling in the extreme.

“Input real audio or video of a real person, the more the better and the software tries to recognise patterns in speech and movement.”

The potential for an ‘information warfare campaign’ becomes a very real possibility with such algorithmic software.
In a world where fakes are so easy to create, authenticity also becomes easier to deny. People caught doing crime could claim that the video evidence against them is manipulated CGI.

On the positive, political or corporate speeches can be amending for grammatical errors and mistakes right there in the cutting room before CGI live broadcasts are uploaded for viewing. Viewers think they are witnessing an actual live broadcast when in fact it has been algorithmically improved.

The re-purposing of speech is now an algorithmic art-form. That with the synthesising of video content which can add emotional content to a face make the manipulations of CGI too real to ignore.
As someone recently said..

CGI will be the game-changer.

Watch a complete video on the subject Here.

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