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The Kaimanawa Wall Mystery

In New Zealand to the south-east of Lake Taupo amidst the Kaimanawa Ranges, in deep bush, stands a mystery that the New Zealand Government and some local Maori don’t want investigated. They have an excellent reason to conceal what is there because if the Kaimanawa wall proves to actually be an ancient wall then it’s ‘all deals off’ for the Elite Maori of New Zealand who claim they are the indigenous people of this land.

Among the Maori there is an oral history of people existing in New Zealand before their arrival but these blocks of stone are ancient and large.
Before an official sign appeared telling people to stay away from the area, several geologists dug down along the side of the wall and discovered interlocking cuts underground. These digs have largely been filled in now by government employees but new, small excavations are appearing regularly.

The official sign also describes the rocks as being ‘scientifically’ shown to be ‘part of a large Ignimbrite formation ‘formed naturally’ 330,000 years ago’. However, other geologists have stated that the stones can’t possibly be from that particular area and the nearest place they could have come from is a hundred and sixty kilometres away.

Some Maori have welcomed a more appropriate excavation of the feature while others do not want current treaty arrangements upset. Critics of the government stance say New Zealanders have a right to see what is beneath the wall and the extent to which it travels. It is the heritage of all New Zealanders.
There are a number of videos available including two of old timer geologists digging down to find the depth of the interlocking giant blocks and discovering a plinth that sits at exactly 90 degrees to the block above.
This wall could indeed be proof of an ancient civilisation in New Zealand and beneath and around the area under layers of volcanic ash could be the remnants of another culture.

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  1. henry Middleton henry Middleton November 27, 2022

    Typical denial from the dissention lot ,,same as the 60 plus year moritorium ??on waipu forest stone city ,,small and a second one un di sclosed .When the said lot got here they wont acknoledge is that they didnt build in stone or build squarish buildings with small entrance doors ,having to be instructed by Celtic and brown folk who were already here,before they ate them ,,DO you Know of MR WISEMAN and mount TARhara Taupo ????another exercise in cover up of comunity PRE TAUPO LAKE eruption proof ..I am investagating two sights of MAYBE 5000 year old earth works south of Whangarei an areaof 20 od acres as a big ovel same as in UK sites….

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