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NZ: A Tsunami Of Health Officials Resigning

On the tail-end of a number of others, the New Zealand Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced his resignation today.
Director of Public Health Caroline McElnay has gone and the Deputy Director of Public Health Niki Stefanogiannis is also leaving. Stress has been cited as the major contributor for the collapse.

Public anger at the government’s draconian Covid policies has no doubt taken it’s toll on these individuals. Bloomfield in particular has been referred to as a ‘saviour’ among his own, someone who upheld the official narrative with zeal, but as an ‘executioner’ among those who consider the Covid Vaccine and boosters as actually being unsafe ‘Clot Shots’ and responsible for the premature deaths of many.

Bloomfield is a dedicated globalist and worked for the World Health Organisation before joining others of a similar ilk among the New Zealand Labour Party.
Interestingly, when he played for an invitational Centurions side in their 2020 rugby match against the Parliamentary team, Bloomfield ‘chose’ the nickname “The Eliminator” for the game.

The enthusiasm with which Bloomfield and these other health officials have pushed their agenda is sadly historic, and to many who have referred to the globalist endeavour as ‘the product of a diseased mind’ the likes of Ashley Bloomfield, Caroline McElnay and Niki Stefanogiannis departing the scene will not be a loss but a relief.
The question is, will even more of the cabinet feel the stress and which crazed politically powered individuals will replace them to continue the globalist agenda.
One thing is for sure, the names and faces of these politicians will not be forgotten and if the internet and cyberspace continue into the future then their identities and deeds will remain for all to see.

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