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Baphomet: The Link Between Globalism And Satanism

There is little doubt that the Globalists are using ‘social engineering’ as a tool for achieving their fundamental goal of One World Government.
The infiltration of political, educational, medical, sport, entertainment, financial and all other areas of society by a toxic WOKE mentality has seen a massive amount of confusion occurring in all walks of life.
The worshipping in academia of transgenderism, filtering down into all other aspects of society has been systematic and aggressive. This on top of the Covid plandemic and the wholesale immigration of huge numbers of foreigners into countries is a plan to destabilise the current systems to the point where the chaos leaves a vacuum among the rubble, one that globalists are ready to fill when the timing is right.

Men are weak in a transgender world

The weakening of any opposition to the ‘take over’ by weakening the minds of children and men with transgender propaganda coupled with the removal of weaponry from the general populous has made the path that much easier for the globalists. Convincing young children at school that they can choose to be either male or female without their parent’s consent is morally despicable in the eyes of many but in the minds of those who would rule the world, it is nothing, just a way to get what they want.

Where has the transgender idea been taken from?

Transgenderism is taken from occult symbolism. In 1856 a French occultist named Éliphas Lévi depicted an image which he called Baphomet or ‘the sabbatic goat’ (seen above). Modern Satanists and Luciferians have adopted this symbolism to be of their Abrahamic deity ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Satan’ found in the writings of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths.
Followers of the Baphomet concept believe that it is symbolic of universal balance and the link between the spiritual and physical world, the medium of all magic.
They say that the goat head on a humanoid body, with goat-like legs and feet, female breasts represents humanity and a rod-like male organ represents eternal life. One arm is male and the other is female. Having both genders present represents the duality of life and creation.
Globalist Elites using hand gestures among themselves as depicted in the Baphomet image is often witnessed.
Interestingly, the image by Éliphas Lévi has the hermetic words ‘solve’ and ‘coagula’ on each arm which loosely means to join together and to take apart.

The caduceus represents the uniting of opposites to co-exist

The caduceus depicted in the image (also the male organ) is an ancient Greek idea taken from their god Hermes. It basically represents the uniting of opposites in order for them to co-exist.

While dedicated Lucifarians and Satanists may be aware of the purely symbolic nature of these concepts, unfortunately the literal translation of such ideas by globalists seeking power wherever they can get it while on a warped egoic agenda is having disastrous effects on the world in general.

The trap of interpreting ‘eternal life’ in a single body, as possible.

The obsession of super rich Elites with the drinking of blood and having their biology hacked in order to achieve eternal life in their current bodies is once again taken straight from Baphomet image..
‘The rod-like male organ represents eternal life.’

This then is the link between globalist transgenderism and Satanic and Lucifarian doctrine. It is the misuse and literal translation of symbolic, occult ideas.

Note: There is much more symbolism in the image that is an obvious aspect of globalist endeavour if one takes the time to look.

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