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NZ: Our Russophobic Government Gets Black-Listed

The New Zealand government has been quick to jump on the morality bandwagon against Russia, which is spearheaded by America and the NATO alliance against Soviet actions in the Ukraine.
Ironically, the New Zealand government has just been found guilty in the High Court of ‘Gross violations of Human Rights’, because of it’s draconian mandate policies but it still insists on pursuing advertising from the moral high-ground in it’s PR and propaganda campaigns. Russia on the other hand has no Covid-19 mandates in place.

“Russia has now blacklisted every MP in New Zealand’s Parliament, along with top defence force officials and the heads of intelligence agencies.”
None of the above will be able to enter Russia.
The list includes Jacinda Ardern and the rest of the government, including every single MP in parliament which means the ‘opposition parties’ as well. Top members of the NZ military are also blacklisted.

What is interesting is that during the Prime Minister’s rise to power she became president of ‘International Union of Socialist Youth’. Her speeches during that period were identified by excessive use of the word ‘comrade’ and on one occasion she used it fifteen times in seven minutes.

“The word “comrade” (in Russian – товарищ, pronounced tovarisch) is still in use, but not as much as 30-35 years ago. It is an official address in the armed forces. It is used in informal settings as well, sometimes”.

Times change, and clearly the lure of globalist rhetoric has superseded Old Russian as a source of influence for the PM. Terms like ‘sustainability’, ‘world view’ and ‘centralisation’ are the new phrases that are pushed. ‘Comrades’ no longer, now ‘corporate partners’ are the fashion.

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