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Doctor: We Have Only Eight Months

One of my favourite doctors, Vernon Coleman has been commentating and accurately predicting on the war against governments since the plandemic madness began and in his latest video.. ‘We Have Eight Months’ he explains in great depth how The Great Reset is further along than many people are aware…

“The shocking news is that The Great Reset is no longer just a nightmare for us and an aspiration in the toxic minds of a bunch of the most evil conspirators ever known but The Great Reset is now frighteningly close to the scary conclusion we have all been dreading. We are already living within a repressive, restrictive faux communist society based on digital control and progressing rapidly towards a complete lack of individuality and freedom. Anyone who denies this is either very very ignorant, very very stupid or bought and payed for and part of the nightmare.”

Doctor Coleman continues on by saying that everything that is happening was predictable and was predicted in his videos and writings. He continues..

“Everything that has been happening over the last two years, the covid fraud, the net zero fraud, the sanctions against Russia, the transgender controversy is part of the plan leading the world into the biggest recession since the 1930s.”

He says that the New World Order is already here and that we are living in it and things are going to get far far worse in the coming months because we are already in the ‘kill phase’ of the Great Reset.

“The odd thing is that most of the people who think we are conspiracy theorists for thinking this are themselves concerned about things that are happening and have affected them. The problem is, they haven’t looked at the big picture, they don’t realise that all of the bad things that are happening and have happened in the last few years are all connected. The deliberately destroyed global economy, price rises, inflation, they are all linked. The innocents have failed to put two and two together, partly because they have been too busy worrying about individual threats to their daily lives and partly because they find it difficult to believe that anyone could conceive of a plot as evil as the one that has been underway for years and partly because they are naive, unquestioning and too ready to believe what they are told by an utterly corrupt mainstream media.
And because right from the start, those of us who have told the truth have been demonised, lied about, censored, suppressed and very effectively silenced.”

He suggests it will all be over long before Christmas of this year unless we work together harder than we have ever worked together before. A call to action from ‘an old man in a chair’..

To watch the complete video click HERE.

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