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Primal Screams From Shanghai, 26 million People Locked Down And Starving

Eerie videos of a city of terrified and angry people who have been locked into their apartments for two weeks are starting to emerge from China. Another fake pandemic is being used to justify the torture as some people are resorting to throwing themselves to their deaths from high rise balconies.

There have been no confirmed deaths from the new fictitious virus only false positives from a fraudulent PCR test.
At night the screaming is almost deafening while drones in the air are telling people to ‘resist their freewill.’
The dystopian nightmare gets worse, hazmat suited workers are patrolling the streets, luring starving animals such as dogs with food and then killing them, usually by hitting them with a spade.

There have been one or two incidents of mobs storming supermarkets but generally the city’s population is complying with the Chinese Government’s (CCP) mandate. As was seen in 2019 the streets are empty..

The government there is showing no signs of easing the stringent lockdown and even people in the financial hub are reportedly running out of food, water and other necessities. Medicines are also being denied the residents of the city.
The ugly side of totalitarianism is emerging for all to see, this is what communist tyrants do and western leaders like Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern admire this sort of leadership. Is this what is in store for Canada and New Zealand too.

The question has to be asked, why would the communist leader of China want to torture or kill his own people on such a large scale? Who knows what goes on in the mind of such a person? It has been linked to the goals of the New World Order to lessen the population dramatically and to assist The Great Reset. Or, it could be a control tactic, an example for the rest of the people of China and an attempt to gain complete dominance over such a large body of humanity.

To add insult to injury, anyone seen during the day on their balcony without a mask on is immediately downgraded and fined via the Chinese Social Credit System. Also, every one of the 26 million have been forced to have a PCR test. Something to look forward to here in the west?

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