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United Nations Human Rights Council Suspends Russia

China is among those who has voted against suspending Russia from the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council. Ninety-Three voted for the suspension and twenty-four voted against and fifty-eight abstained.

Speaking after the adoption of the resolution, Deputy Permanent Representative Kuzmin, stated that Russia had already decided that day, to leave the Council before the end of its term.
He claimed the Council was monopolised by a group of States who use it for their own short-term aims.

The fact that China is on such a council throws aspersions against the organisation immediately considering what is happening in Shanghai.
One has to agree with Russia, that this arm of the UN has no real concerns for human rights but is simply a club for the imposing of power strategies on the world stage.

Sadly, New Zealand was one of those which voted for the suspension of Russia just when the New Zealand Government has been found guilty of ‘a gross abuse of human rights’ because of it’s draconian mandates, by the high court in New Zealand.

Others among the ninety-three countries who voted to oust Russia are.. Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Hungary, Samoa, Tonga, US, UK, Austria, Canada and the Netherlands.

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