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NZ: PM Ardern sends fifty troops to fight the Russians

The New Zealand Prime Minister has announced that the country will send fifty soldiers and an aeroplane (Lockheed C-130 Hercules) to support the battle against the Russians in the Ukraine. There has been no debate or consultation with the people of New Zealand about the decision which could obviously place the country in danger should the Russian Bear decide to retaliate, especially on a nuclear level.
Ardern, who has been particularly aggressive towards her own people over the Covid hoax is breaking with the usual tradition and sending combative troops instead of medical personal and technical assistance which has largely been the mainstay of New Zealand support to conflict areas in the recent past.

White hats and black hats

If one sees Vladimir Putin as a White Hat who is attempting to clean out the corrupt globalist stronghold of the Ukraine (something he has maintained from the beginning) then Ardern’s actions are understandable. She is a committed globalist and is using the country’s resources to further her cause’s aspirations.

The official narrative

The official narrative on the other hand paints Russia as a militant monster which has to be stopped from spreading it’s aggression at all costs. It has invaded a country, is threatening other countries and is now controlling oil and gas to Europe and other parts of the planet. Russia is rich in these basics, something that works heavily in their favour as countries which are scrambling to find alternative sources of such necessities.

New Zealand is not a member of NATO, the organisation that is largely behind the supplying of arms and support to The Ukraine fight against Russia.
However NATO and New Zealand have been engaged in dialogue and cooperation since 2001 and is one of a range of countries beyond the Euro-Atlantic area, often referred to as ‘partners across the globe’.


  1. Chloe Chloe April 15, 2022

    jabaNATZISATINDA is her name PERIOD! A COMMITED illuminiTARDI sewage pond SCUM PARASITE!

  2. Manu Manu May 3, 2022

    Don’t hold back Chloe. Tell us what you really think. 😎
    Just joking …. buy the way.
    Well said and those that are awake to the UN WEF plan can see the flap in Toxindas back where Hellann Clarke’s hand fits neatly.

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