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Book Review: 1111101000 Robots by Ben Barry

Ben Barry has compiled a free book of images generated by a remarkable new piece of AI software called DALL·E 2 It is described by the publisher in the following way..

“A book of 1000 paintings and illustrations of robots created by artificial intelligence. The author generated all of the images in this book by writing original prompts for DALL·E 2, OpenAI’s AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. Upon generating the images, the author curated and arranged the images to his own liking and takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.”

So basically, what Barry did to generate the ‘robot’ images for the book is provide a description of the preferred style in English and the AI creates a variety of images at 1024 x 1024 resolution using data it has been collecting (machine learning). The image below is an example that was created using the following description by Barry..

“A painting by Caravaggio of a robot head with flowers growing out of the top.”

One thousand completely original images by AI is remarkable enough but to have them in any style one can imagine is quite impressive.
I thoroughly enjoyed flicking through these images and can’t help but think that we are heading into a new age of art, AI art. The level of detail achievable by the algorithms employed in just a few seconds is stunning.
Consider this, instead of art being dependant on the skill of an artist who paints in oils or water colours, it is instead dependant on the ability of an individual to describe a scene.

This version of the software has just been released in the last few days and can only be explored by a few trusted individuals however here’s hoping that will change in the near future, I for one am keen to describe some scenes. Terrains perhaps.
Although the book and the images are impressive enough, for me it is the potential of the technology that created the images that is particularly captivating.

1111101000 Robots can be perused online for free by clicking HERE.

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