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California Becoming A Hell Hole

Governor Gavin Newson’s agenda to destroy the middle class infrastructure of California is well under way. Residents in the state are becoming increasingly uneasy about the homeless situation and have even begun referring to the homeless as ‘feral humans.’

With so many living on the streets, being forced into drug use, prostitution and a daily grind to survive, people with jobs who walk to work or home are continually being harassed by angry homeless people. They often feel the need to have pepper spray and even firearms with them for protection.

The Governor, who is a product of the Klaus Schwab school of ‘Young Global Leaders’ which has an outspoken agenda of implementing a Great Reset, pays nothing more than lip-service to the solving of the homeless situation and many of his policies are obviously in place to break down the already existent system in order to rebuild in the United Nation’s vision of global government.

The collateral damage caused by the governor’s policies are clear to anyone with eyes to see. A division in society between those who have a job (and somewhere to live) and those who haven’t.
Makeshift shanty towns are appearing in many places of the state and tents and cardboard shelters line the streets.
Meanwhile, the US government prints off billions of dollars on a daily basis to send elsewhere around the world in military aid, appearing quite ambivalent and even supportive of the disastrous human circumstance occurring at home.

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