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Covid Has Become A Dead Horse

A quick scan of New Zealand’s mainstream news headlines today and guess what? Not a mention of Covid or any of it’s variants. It’s back to the royal family, anzac weekend road toll, an ex All Black’s financial state, Elon Musk, Johnny Depp, TV shows and how the PM got embarrassed in Singapore.

The insipid world portrayed by these so called news outlets appears to be returning to some sort of creepy normality. There has never been any mention of the dire situation of the 400 million people in Shanghai from these outlets or the declining mental health of the USA’s fake leader.

But if you walk the streets of towns and cities of New Zealand, the residue of a concentrated campaign of misinformation and fear mongering is evident everywhere. People are still covering their faces with face nappies in an attempt to stifle their own voices and protect themselves from the fictitious unseen covid dangers that lurk everywhere in the air and on surfaces. They look stunned, are frightened of the future and often still living in a world where they hope everything will eventually return to the world they used to know. The psyop has worked well on the average citizen in NZ and the nation’s single source of truth has used her propaganda machine to devastating effect.

One has to wonder what the next phase in the destruction of human autonomy will be. Will the globalists move to a completely new crisis or decide to flog a dead horse and bring out a new covid variant. It will be interesting to see.

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