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Oil Not A Fossil Fuel

Another study, this time published in Science Magazine presents evidence supporting the ‘abiotic’ theory for the origin of oil, which maintains that oil is a natural product the earth generates constantly rather than a’fossil fuel’ derived from decaying ancient forests and dead dinosaurs.

The study is led by Giora Proskurowski of the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington in Seattle and says that the hydrogen-rich fluids venting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the Lost City Hydrothermal Field were produced by the abiotic synthesis of hydrocarbons in the mantle of the earth.
‘The Lost City’ thermal field referred to in his work is a remarkable story in itself and the stuff that movies are made from.

The abiotic theory argues, that hydrocarbons are naturally produced on a ‘continual basis’ throughout the solar system, including within the mantle of the earth. The advocates believe the oil seeps up through bedrock cracks to deposit in sedimentary rock. Proponents of the abiotic theory say that traditional petro-geologists have confused the rock as the originator rather than the depository of the hydrocarbons.

The Lost City Thermal Field

In 2003 and 2005, Giora Proskurowski and his team descended in a scientific submarine to collect liquid bubbling up from Lost City sea vents.
The Lost City is a hypo-thermal field exists 2,100 feet below sea level and sits along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the centre of the Atlantic Ocean.
The phenomenon is noted for strange and ancient looking white towers on the sea floor.
Analysis of the fluids emitting from these tower vents found they contain hydrocarbons containing carbon-13 isotopes. Such isotopes are usually associated with and found within the earth’s mantel and not from biological material settled on the ocean floor.
Carbon 13 is the carbon isotope scientists associate with abiotic origin. This is in contrast to Carbon 12 that scientists typically associate with biological origin.

The idea of oil being a fossil fuel was to make money

Back when it was discovered that oil could be synthesised to make petroleum which could fuel vehicles, a concerted effort was made by Oil Barons to emphasise that oil is a depleting resource. By saying that oil had organic origins and that the stuff in the ground will run out one day meant that they could put any price they wanted on it.
These days governments also find the organic origins of oil useful to push their agendas.
The new study emphasising the abiotic origins of oil however puts such ideas to rest because oil now becomes a sustainable and renewable resource.
The depleting organic origins of oil is perhaps another facet of ‘the great lie’ that is gradually being uncovered.

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