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NZ: Anger Mounting Among Youth

Ram raids, burglaries and car thefts are seeing a large spike of occurrence in places like The Bay of Plenty, Auckland and other centres around the New Zealand, with youth as young as twelve years old being involved.
It doesn’t take much nouse to see why this is happening . With small businesses closing their doors and large businesses still restricting who they hire, ludicrous mask mandates and a lack of any real assistance being offered to people in dire straights, young men in particular are feeling entitled to take what they cannot have.

Suicide rates are too high to report

Suicide rates among youth and citizens in general in New Zealand are escalating to the point where up to date statistics are not being published. Accurate monthly figures need to be available to the public in order to grasp what is happening in society, even yearly figures are slow to appear on official web sites. The reason for this is obvious, the high numbers reflect poorly on the government.

Actions speak louder than words

Lawlessness by youth in particular must send a strong signal to officialdom in New Zealand, and yet as we saw in Wellington with the Freedom Protests, such messages are falling on deaf ears. The end result is currently always a strong arm authoritarian reaction, no attempt is even made to understand what the causes are for anger trends and one has to wonder if the government is simply waiting for an excuse to introduce martial law across the country.

People living in cars

Camper Van users are reporting that the number of people living in cars has risen. I myself have witnessed this and the official response is not to provide housing for people but instead to legislate against people using their cars to spend nights in. In some cases people are being pushed into grubby motels on a temporary basis but even this band aid has become an inadequate solution with the number of motels available not meeting the demand.
The appalling situation is only fuelling the anger among the youth and unemployed who feel marginalised, unempowered and prepared to strike out at a system that obviously doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

New Zealand has always been a land of plenty and a good way of life obtainable for those who are prepared to put some work in. That has changed and now we find ourselves in the extraordinary situation where the strong of the nation are being forced into rebellion in order to survive with any form of dignity.


  1. Wulf Wulf April 27, 2022

    I’ve been looking for signs that our government notices these trends and cares to do something to reverse them. Still looking as I see no signs of them being taken seriously.

    • Dan Willis Dan Willis Post author | April 28, 2022

      Your right, they’re too busy on their agenda Wulf.

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