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The Walking Palm

Years ago when I read Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ I was introduced to the ‘Ents’, which are fictional walking trees. The idea of walking trees fascinated me because trees seem so permanent and once rooted they only ever get fatter and grow skyward, right?
Well, actually no, there is a tree called the walking palm that does in fact move around horizontally. About twenty metres a year.

The “Socratia Exorhiza” palm (or walking palm) is unique because it moves from one location to another in order to reach sunnier places and the way of its movement is that new roots grow in the foreground, and the old ones die and are displaced.
The tree is found in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

How cool it would be to have one in the back yard, wondering where it will be next year and the year after that.

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