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Is The Metaverse A Distraction?

With so much emphasis being placed on being in Metaspace and the Metaverse these days by advertising, gaming and even business, for many people it seems to be taking precedence over the physical.
Virtual reality and augmented reality are rapidly gaining momentum as potential new technologies and we are told that they can expand the field of human knowledge by changing how people work, play, learn, and entertain themselves.
But are the the big corporations who are pushing this tech part of a wider plan to distract in order to control. Looking constantly into metaspace is to be unaware of what happening in the physical, the world we are born into and the requirements we have to maintain that existence.

Could it be a coincidence that the man who is behind much of the push for this technology in our lives is the same man who said “You will own nothing and you will be happy?”
Klaus Schwab’s ‘Fourth industrial revolution’ requires a union between digital technology and humanity in a way that turns it’s back on the physical world entirely so what could be more advantageous to his agenda than to emphasise technologies such as Quantum computing which he says has the power to tackle far more complex calculations, and at incredible speeds thus making cyber worlds all the more convincing?

So will all this computing power make metaspace even more of a distraction, sucking humanity into a digital void that that no longer has roots in the physical?
According to some we will eat synthetic food and be referred to as Humanity 2.0 because we will no longer be autonomous beings, rather, slaves to a digital collective.

If such an agenda is truly on the minds of those who would advance technology then it’s clear that the hypnotic spell of metaspace needs to be broken and a focus on the physical be reinstated.
My personal preference is to spend time in the garden, with my friends the living plants.

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