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Call For Lie Detectors In Parliament

Following the announcement that lie detectors are to be installed at E.U. airports to replace human interrogation, a loud call has been heard for the installation of the same AI in parliaments around the world. New Zealand in particular has been targeted as a country that would benefit in the extreme from the machines. It is estimated that a saving of billions of dollars could be achieved by having politicians undergo the simple procedure while debating and making decisions in the parliamentary chambers.

New Zealand’s ‘single source of truth’ could be put to the test in an unobtrusive way that would give citizens a reason to trust the government and abide by laws that have been passed in the most unorthodox and clandestine way over the last months.

As with the Dominion Voting Machines, the lie detection AI would need to be overseen by independent security and paid for of course by taxpayers via the government coffers.
It is expected that politicians would be completely on board with the proposal, after all, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.

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