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Florist Businesses Flourishing, Sadly

Florists are reporting that business is good and for all the wrong reasons. When people die, flowers are often purchased as a sign of respect, to add to a coffin or to be present at a service commemorating the life of the deceased or even sent to the relatives of the deceased in sympathy, and sadly many people are dying.
Funeral directors and florists do well in a time of mass deaths and it appears we are entering such a time.
People are passing, not from Covid or any of it’s variants but from the side effects of the so called vaccine and the numbers are increasing.

One florist who acknowledged the rapid rise in business said.. “I don’t like to be making money from the misery of others but what can I do, I provide beautiful flowers for those who want to buy them.”

Florists all around the world are no doubt in the same predicament.

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