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How To Avoid Feeding The Beast

There’s a lot going on for all of us these days and the future doesn’t seem too bright a lot of the time, many people can’t handle it and focus on the apparent causes of the situation with anger, mistrust and a whole range of negative emotions but this can often be construed as ‘feeding the beast’.

The nature of the war that we are actually engaged in is psychological to a large extent and the enemy have thousands of years of experience in using a variety of techniques to make us frightened, anxious and eager to do as we are told. Unfortunately, as some have clearly seen, they do not have our best interests at heart, rather they seek to callously control and bend us to their will sometimes with manipulations that we are completely unaware of.

The way to avoid this abuse of our trust and love is to not feed the enemy with anger etc., that is what they want, it makes them even bigger, more powerful and ugly. The best way is to place one’s attention elsewhere. Focus on what is healthy and good for us.
It’s important to realise that each soul has a connection to a source of infinite peace but often the pathway to that source has become covered with debris and experiences from this busy world we live in, to the point where we have lost our way and see only discord everywhere.

But if we look, or ask, then a way to the source of peace and harmony can once again be found and if we spend some part of each day sweeping the path that we allowed to become covered in debris, life will become more than just tolerable, it will be a joy.
Remember these people have always been around, we don’t have to be like them or do as they say, we are free spirits and they hate us for it because they are not. They have sold out, probably for a few sparkling pieces of silver and now they are trapped. That is all we need to know, the rest is not our business.

Meditation is the best device I am aware of to sweep a path. Make time every day to sit quietly with the intention of connecting with peace and harmony and it will come. When it does the beast will be left to it’s own devices of hate, fear, guilt and self-loathing.

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