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Non-Compliance The Most Effective Tool Against Tyranny

Authoritarian organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the United Nations are increasingly deciding what governments will do on an autonomous level. In fact, the autonomy of nations is being eroded continually in the name of fictitious planetary requirements, fake global weather conditions and illnesses that can’t be seen or proven.
The autonomy of each individual in the world is under attack as a result because governments have been infiltrated by globalist puppets who are using whatever tactics are required to force the will of their masters upon the rest of us.

As individuals, we can react or submit. Submission is not a good idea because it leads to us becoming automaton slaves without freewill, reaction is obviously the only sensible option left to us, but it is how we react that is key.
One of the most powerful reactions against tyranny is non-compliance. Simply not recognising the authority of someone or something over one is an effective way to undermine the efforts of a tyrant. Essentially there is nothing they can do about this other than to threaten, berate, intimidate or falsely accuse, while if enough people do this together then it becomes a norm and they have zero control.

Where I live (New Zealand) people are still being forced by the authorities to wear face masks even though study after study appears saying that they are ineffective and even manufacturers describe on their packaging that they are useless against viral contaminations, yet submitters in the streets, shops, in their cars and probably even in their homes are wearing these appendages because the authorities say they must.

My simple reaction is to not wear a mask in any situation, have never worn a mask and do not intent to. The science is there to back me up and strangely enough, I have never been in any uncomfortable situations because of it. I always get the feeling from people I talk to who are wearing masks in public that they wish that they didn’t have to wear one, and of course they don’t. Only a thought placed in the mind and reinforced by tyrants is preventing them from living a healthy lifestyle, experiencing the free air that is available at any time for us all to breath abundantly.

“The Plandemic has never been about health, it has always been about control”.

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