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Russia To Cut Natural Gas To Finland, Bulgaria And Poland

Russia has decided to cut off natural gas supplies to Bulgaria, Poland and Finland following their refusal to pay for the service in Rubles which is the Russian currency.
Poland in particular has strongly supported the Ukraine during the Russian/Ukraine conflict and Russia sees that as a betrayal of it’s relationship.
Finland too has been talking of joining NATO, the organisation which is fueling the war there against Russia, little wonder that Russia is prepared to cut supplies of fuel to that country.
Poland is also serving as a ‘transit hub’ for weapons from the West to Ukraine. Poland is desperately looking for alternative gas supplies and is looking to Norway.
Bulgaria is almost entirely dependant on Russia for it’s gas supply and admits it is in dire straights following it’s decision to not pay Russia in rubles.

Russia’s insistence to ‘unfriendly nations’ to pay in rubles is part of it’s move to distance itself from the US dollar. Other countries like Germany, Italy, Belarus and Turkey are highly dependent on Russian gas.

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