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W.H.O. Distancing Itself From China

There are distinct signs that The World Health Organisation under Tedros Adhanom is beginning to distance itself from the Chinese leadership. Criticism of the appalling situation in Shanghai and many other parts of China created by that country’s Zero-Covid policy has lead to officialdom in China censoring comments and presence of the W.H.O. on it’s social networks.
There is no science behind Zero-Covid, it has been called “pure paranoia” and based is on China’s own internal official study that predicted 1.6 million deaths if Zero-Covid is not reached.

China’s leadership is in a catch 22 situation. If they drop the Zero-Covid strategy and 1.6 million people don’t die, then the will be proven wrong and lose face. If they continue with the policy then people will die, but from starvation and stress related diseases (not to mention fake vaccines).
It has been suggested that China’s leader has fallen into the dictator’s trap and his ego is destroying his ability to lead his people. Sounds familiar, it seems to be the case for many countries in the world and a leader get’s into such a situation he or she often start a war or some similar event to take the heat off themselves.

Currently 373 million people are under strict lockdown in China in 45 cities (Gravitas). Investors are fleeing the country and the economy is on the verge of a serious collapse.
Xi Jinping inherited a booming economy and now his policies are having a disastrously negative effect upon that country.
The CCP are showing signs of reaching new heights of totalitarian barbarism and the scary thing is that other leaders around the globe such Canada’s Justin Trudeau and New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern admire Xi Jinping for his actions.
All the signs are there, a large portion of humanity is on the brink of some very large changes.

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