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Lockdown Rats Try To Jump Ship

Two years ago when governments were looking for an excuse to take complete control of citizens in accordance with the wishes of the Deep State Oligarchs who were putting their One World Government agenda in place, they turned to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), advisers to the UK government on the COVID-19 pandemic to give them what they needed. This group is paid for by taxpayers, the very same 21 million UK people who were incarcerated in their homes to their detriment.

The prediction models this group of epidemiologists produced have proven to be incorrect in the extreme and now their spokesman John Edmonds has come out to make this statement..

The lockdown model is only supposed to be one component of decision making and I wondered and worried that we’d had too much weight.”

See how they pass the blame. Now the government was at fault for taking their adviser’s advice.
Many governments around the world jumped on board with this report and imposed it on their citizens and a large number died or became ill because of it. The impact caused by the lockdowns, economically and from a mental health perspective has been enormous.

The ‘blame game’ now starts to escalate with the media and all politicians running for cover, the police say they were just following orders and government advisory groups like SAGE make excuses.
What’s left in the UK is the debris of a fractured society, just what the Deep State Oligarchs want.

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