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Sri Lanka Just The First To Fall

Sri Lanka, that island nation off the southern tip of India is the first government during these plandemic times to default on it’s overseas debt. It is unable to pay $51 billion and is thought to have just $1 billion in the government coffers. Mismanagement, corruption, covid and a series of poor decisions at the top have brought the country to it’s knees.
There is no food, no fuel and no medicines for the 21 million citizens. Surgeries have been cancelled and daily power blackouts are leaving people angry and bewildered.

Wide scale protests have broken out as people wonder where there next meal will come from.
Sri Lanka has a trade and budget deficit for many years which means that it keeps borrowing money and now inflation is skyrocketing and foreign investors have deserted the country and tourism that was previously a big earner for the country has all but died.

In 2021 the government banned chemical fertilisers. The result is that rice, which is the country’s staple food has fallen by 50%. The price of rice has now risen by 93%.

A few days ago the homes of ministers, members of parliament, former government officials, and the most powerful person in the country, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, were completely engulfed in flames. Several people were reported dead and more injured. Rajapaksa had announced his resignation not long before the fires.

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