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5G A Major Concern For Airlines

In January of this year (2022) Major concerns were expressed by a number of Airlines about the 5G rollout to telecom providers AT&T and Verizon at airports. The landing and takeoff of the large Boeing 777 planes for local and international carriers is the issue with wireless 5G towers having a close proximity to runways. Potential 5G interference with radio altimeters onboard aircraft is the grievance and major airlines Emirates, JAL, and ANA have all announced they would be cancelling some flights to the US as a result.

A list of problematic airports has been drawn up by Emirates, with a cancellation of flights to these from January 19th until further notice: they are..

Dallas/Fort Worth
San Francisco

Other airports around the planet are being monitored as potential hazards also. Flights to other destinations in the US are unaffected as different aircraft (Boeing 787s) are used on those routes.

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