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Photonic Computing, Coming

Currently, computing is possible via the harnessing and use of electrons (electricity) but imagine if the same computations could occur utilising the speed of light. This is what photonic computing is, using all the colours of the rainbow in parallel to make and transfer computations.
The AI market is looking long and hard at this new development and all the indications are that a photonic revolution is coming.

Conventional computers are based on transistors which are switched on and off with electrons but the photonic chip performs computations with photons rather than electrons.
Potential uses such as math operations for neural networks and other general computational tasks will be much easier and faster making it possible for billions of calculations for image and of course 3D, VR and AR creation.

Light naturally separates into a spectrum of colours

The remarkable thing about being able to compute with colour from light is that starting from white, it naturally separates itself and does not interfere with other parts of the spectrum. This is a key component when using light for computations because it is able to perform parallel calculations by utilising different colours.

How it works..

An on-chip laser fires a beam of broadband spectrum of light into a filter which separates it into a matrix of different colours. These different colours are their own wave lengths or frequencies. These are called tones and each one can carry modulated, specific information which is encoded into the amplitude of each tone. Photon detectors then measure output for use in computations.

The process is not restricted to the basic colours of the rainbow, it is possible to use the full spectrum of colour to create these parallel frequencies of information, which means that a plethora of information carriers can be employed by a chip at the same time making massive amounts of data available for use for a massive number of purposes.

To watch an informative video on this subject, click Here..

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