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W.H.O. Re-Appoint Their Front Man

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian public health researcher has been Director-General of the World Health Organisation since 2017 was ‘re-elected’ to be the W.HO.’s face once again yesterday, even though you and I had no say in the matter.
In the oligarch world people are not elected, they are appointed and although Mr Tedros was clapped by onlookers at his appointment, the mechanical nature of the enthusiasm spoke volumes about the organisation who would rule the world through medical mandates.

The handling of the so called ‘Covid Crisis’ by the W.H.O. has been appalling to say the least with edicts that contradict themselves coming thick and fast and the absurdity of the situations created are still lingering in many countries.

Criticism of the World Health Organisation has been growing rapidly over accusations of corruption and the lack of any real or actual concern for the health of humanity. They are considered by many to be a money making corporation funded primarily by the USA and William Henry Gates III (Bill Gates) for nefarious, political and personal gains, not at all the benign appearance that is presented to the world.

Interestingly, the ballot that re-elected Tedros tells a story. Of the 160 votes, 155 voted for him to stay and 5 voted for him to leave. One of the five which rejected him was his own home country of Ethiopia.

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