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Globalists Leave Davos, Switzerland

Yesterday, the 26th May was the last day of the ‘World Economic Forum Annual Meeting’ and at least 310 heads of state, ministers of foreign affairs, finance, trade, health, banking, technology, transport, defence, environment, energy, education and social affairs attended, all eager to learn of their place in Klaus Schwab’s intended World Government.
His opening speech was remarkable indeed, not for it’s inspiration, rather for the beans that were spilled all over the stage, each one a re-enforcement of his globalist agenda and what he calls ‘The Great Reset’.

The first sentence of the speech massaged attendees into believing that they were the policy makers of the future world and by being there at the meeting, they were signalling their willingness to make the planet better by adhering to a ‘stakeholder responsibility.’ He says…

“The future is not just happening, it is built by a powerful community, as you here in this room.”

So, not by citizens who vote for policies but by these powerful rich guys and girls who are a community of leaders and impose ideas on the population.

“We have the means to improve the state of the world but two conditions are necessary. The first one is that we act all, as stakeholders of larger communities and the second one is that we collaborate to address specific initiatives on the global agenda.”

That’s right, the Economic Forum is not meeting to help improve the lot of struggling countries or to encourage leaders to democratise and help humanity into an egalitarian society, it is push specific global agendas which will be govern new large communities such as the EU.

It’s common knowledge that Klaus Schwab idealises Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) who founded a ‘one party socialist state’ in Russia. By the time he had died in 1924 it is estimated that Lenin was responsible for the death of 3 million people. Once Lenin was out of the way, Joseph Stalin manoeuvred his way into power and modelling himself on Lenin and Karl Marx, he was responsible for the deaths of 20 million or more.

A global, one party socialist state with Klaus or a clone at it’s head appears to be what is really being talked about at Davos.
Global one party socialism is where “You will own nothing, and be happy” comes from and they are aiming to have this in place by 2030.

Do we want a powerful ruling elite telling us how to live? Not me, collectively we are the powerful and we will decide our own futures, that is what it really is to be human.

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