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W.H.O. Prevented From World Pandemic Totalitarianism

For now at least, The World Health Organisation which is the front for Big Pharma have been stopped from having the ability to impose mandatory regulations on countries that agree to sign a so called ‘global pandemic treaty.’ African nations in particular have rejected the proposal.
Taking sovereignty from individual nations is undoubtedly the plan behind the treaty and another step towards One World Government.

The centralisation of of global health issues would allow lockdowns to be imposed from Geneva on any participating country in the world, regardless of local environments, cultures and demographics.
Brazil has said no to the bogus treaty and Russia is also uninterested in participating.

Britain’s Boris Johnson is supporting the globalist move as are all the usual globalist players such as Macron, Ardern, Trudeau etc. in fact about twenty-three countries have thrown their support behind the push.
Having said that, there are 54 sovereign nations in Africa and nearby islands and most of them have opposed the W.H.O. initiative.

Back to the drawing board

There is little doubt that the Globalists will try this move again, probably re-branding the same package to make it more appealing, maybe even offering financial incentives for participating nations.
Remember, that should the W.H.O. have the power to tell sovereign countries how to regulate citizens then a single unelected body, funded primarily by one individual (Bill Gates) will have the ability to control world events.

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