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‘Device Wait’, A New Human Behaviour Emerging

I live rural and recently I had a visitor who as most people do, had his cellphone tucked in a pocket awaiting it’s device duties. We talked about the inordinate amount of rain that had been falling, the hills being saturated and the creeks in the area being high and causing quite a lot of damage as they flowed across roads bringing debris including sizeable rocks with them. My visitor announced that in the morning he had put his oilskin on, been out to assess damage around his property and walked up and down the road making videos of peoples driveways. He said that one of the videos would be of particular interest to me and hauled out his trusty device to show me what had been occurring.
Then came the ‘Device Wait’…

Getting the phone to come to life was quick enough for the fellow but fingering through folders to locate just where the videos were housed and then finding a particular video among many was what took the time.. a lot of time.
As the seconds and then minutes ticked away I realised that my attention was better employed somewhere else, so I began planning this article, looking first for a title and then the content of the text.
After some while and and a lot of frustrated noises, my visitor announced that he couldn’t find the video that he wanted to show me but that another was significant too and pushed that in front of my face. Immediately the the video went into portrait mode and became so small that it was unwatchable, so some more time was spent shaking and re-orientating the phone until finally something watchable was available. The thirty second clip sped by showing me metre deep muddy water flowing across a driveway and my smiling visitor was proud that with the aid of his trusty device he had been able to bring me the latest news in cinematic colour from just down the road.

The fact that it had taken him so long to present such a short clip was apparently of no importance and yet I couldn’t help but think of all of the people across the country who were behaving similarly, fingering through folders while people were standing or sitting nearby, waiting to see or hear what was being searched for.

“A new human behaviour is emerging,” I thought.

I smiled politely at my visitor and asked if perhaps he wanted a cup of tea before resuming his filming odyssey.

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