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CCP Abandons Zero-Covid Strategy

Three days have passed since the sixty day lockdown in China came to an end for all except 10% of the population (which is still a lot of people). But for most, the barriers have come down, enforced mass PCR testing has ceased and Hazmats are no longer laying down the law or brutalising people.
Finally, people can venture outside their apartments without fear of reprisal.
No celebrations have been encouraged by the CCP, the oppression simply ended as if nothing had ever happened.

The people of Shanghai and other parts of China are attempting to get some normality back into their shattered lives but things have changed while the lockdown was in place. Citizens cannot move around the city without encountering digital sentries which require QR codes, recording all of their movements while to enter many buildings such as shopping centres, a negative PCR test is necessary. It takes eight hours for a test to be ready so a test must be submitted every two days. Thousands of PCR test sites exist over Shanghai, this is the new normal that the CCP see fit to impose on residents of the huge city.

Many in the West know that the PCR test is ‘not fit for purpose’ and it is little wonder that zero-Covid was not achieved. It seems unlikely that the leaders of China are unaware of this but still they persist with imposing the test for movement. The wearing of masks which has been scientifically proven to be ineffective is also being enforced.

One has to wonder if the whole two month lockdown was a charade, designed to impose these new stringent controls on people of. Small businesses are opening slowly but many will not, so devastating was the effects of the lockdown.

From all accounts, the people of Shanghai are still frightened, no longer of a deadly virus but of their government imposing another, even more crippling and inhuman lockdown.

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