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Sanctions Hurting Europe Not Russia

European sanctions against Russia are starting to have painful repercussions for countries that rely on Ukrainian and Russian grain, wheat in particular. Ukraine and Russia together produce one third of the planet’s wheat and Russia has blockaded ports from exporting the food until sanctions are lifted.
President Putin made it clear in an interview that the grain can flow again should sanctions against his country be reversed.

“Russia is being used as a scapegoat, while short sighted policies are leading to a food crisis,” says Putin.

After meetings with President Putin, the president of Belarus said that his country could be used to ship Ukrainian grain to the world if sanctions against his country were also dispensed with.

The European Union certainly have created a nightmare situation for themselves by handing out sanctions following a knee-jerk reaction to the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

The world food crisis can only worsen as Russia is also the worlds biggest supplier of fertilisers. Fertilisers that are necessary for the growing of grain crops, and every other food crop that Europe relies on.
Oil and gas supplies to European countries which support the sanctions have also been halted or threatened to be halted, leaving European countries scrambling to build nuclear power generation plants and alternative power sources such as wind.

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