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Ukraine Resistance Crumbling

Regardless of what the Mainstream Media are pumping out on their propaganda machine, all of the information arriving from reliable sources on the ground in the Ukraine points to a collapsing of resistance and rapidly approaching end to the conflict there.
Russia troops have been advancing slowly and methodically in order to minimise any civilian casualties.
It is now estimated that the Ukrainian forces are losing in excess of 100 men a day, not necessarily killed because many are abandoning the cause so they can return home to their wives and families.

Whole Ukrainian units are reported to be walking away from their jobs and rebelling against their commanders. In the last two weeks as many as twelve units have quit. Remember, these men were conscripted, they could not say no to placing their lives in jeopardy regardless of where their ideologies lay. Fighting for someone else’s cause is becoming less and less attractive to many Ukrainian soldiers and videos are being posted of units pleading to anyone who will listen to not send them to their deaths.

A very revealing video on the actual situation in the Ukraine can be viewed Here.

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