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Another Queen’s Birthday

Queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations had another birthday celebration on Monday and the monarchists were out in force to show their support. Once again a questioning of the purpose of a monarchy is inevitably asked and when one looks deeply into the morass of Royal existence it becomes immediately clear that ‘The Firm’ as they are often called do have a function and it appears to be of a ‘Pop Star’ nature.
What were once figureheads of colonial expansion have now morphed into representations of national pride and even autonomy for the English in particular.
In an age when corporate oligarchs are circling to impose there own form of global dominance, the Royal relics can be seen to represent an age of individualism, both national and personal. This is always emphasised in the Royal reality with militarism.

The Royals reinforce the idea of a class society which England has long used as a way to regulate the power structures in Britain but the main focus and purpose appears to by ‘wealth’ and wealth of a financial nature. The ‘Commonwealth’ is evidence of this. Where I live in New Zealand, butter became a symbol of the wealth flowing from this part of the world to the Old Country in times past, nowadays globalist fanatics have crippled the flow by using the environment as an excuse, but still, great homage is payed to the Windsors and their heirs here with a special public holiday when ironically, workers can have a day off their toiling to reflect on ‘Her Majesty’.
The fact that the Queen’s official residence contains it’s own ATM machine is surely representative of the huge emphasis that the Royals place on their own financial standing and great effort is no doubt emphasised to maintain that standing in the scheme of things.

Recently, at an FA cup final when ‘God Save The Queen’ was sung, a large portion of the crowd of many thousands, booed. A sign of the times but perhaps the most import function that the Royals and the Queen serve is one of idolatry. Like Pop Idols and politicians they are representative of individuals or forces that are thought to know better than the common herd, they are Royal blood who have had centuries upon centuries of intelligence bred into them which is why they talk with posh accents. But most of all they are powerful and wealthy and they know how to protect that wealth.

Can the English Monarchy survive what is coming? As long as people can see a need for them and believe in them, then yes although as in Russia, France and many other places in the world that once had such a monarchy, they will undoubtedly be sorely tested.

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