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Russia: Drop Sanctions, We’ll Escort Grain To The West

Nato, and the US in particular are rattling sabres big time at the moment, saying that the evil Putin is creating starvation in the West and that a military solution is the only way to solve food shortages. Top US government officials can think of no alternative to the grain shortage situation other than a military one, meanwhile Russia has offered to open the port of Odessa, sweep the mines placed there by the Ukrainian government and escort grain ships to the West if sanctions (which are largely not working) are lifted.

Commenters on online videos of the situation are rightly pointing out that food shortages have been happening since long before the Russian takeover of Ukraine and are largely part and parcel of the globalist agenda to construct a chaotic dependence on a global government for food. In other words, this whole piece of deadly theatre that is unfolding has been planned in order to perpetuate an oligarchic narrative.

Some experts say that there is just fifty to seventy days of grain left in the west before widespread food shortages start occurring. Sounds horrifying doesn’t it but anyone with even a little bit of nous can see that the situation is politically created and that ordinary people’s lives are being bartered to make an excuse for power plays by those who would rule the world.
Meanwhile, in China the same is happening over rice. Almost one and a half billion people require their staple food to be available. The CCP is well behind in it’s ability to provide that requirement. Communism has a long human history of creating famine and widespread death as a result of it’s idealism.

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