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Coping With The Great Psyop

In 1910 an ancient Chinese treatise on military strategy and tactics was translated and published in the West that basically describes how to win a war. The work was first promoted two thousand years ago and is called ‘The Art of War’. It is attributed to a Chinese military strategist named Sun Tzu and when one reads the concepts in it’s pages it becomes clear that his ideas focus on alternatives to physical conflict, such as stratagem, delay, the use of spies, the making and keeping of alliances, the uses of deceit, and even a willingness to submit, at least temporarily, to more powerful foes. In short, he was promoting psychological warfare.

In the West psychological warfare has taken many forms since its initial use in WW1 although so many died during that conflict that it was obviously taking a back seat to armed conflict.
However, during WWII and since then Psyops (psychological operations) have been used extensively by the military in many ways, perhaps the most obvious being the threat of nuclear weaponry. Fear, guilt and pride are the three tools that are most regularly employed in such operations.

One need not destroy one’s enemies, one need only destroy their willingness to engage.

But coercion that uses the tools of fear, guilt and pride to manipulate people and achieve particular ends are not only used in military warfare. As soon as we are born we are subjected to a psyop. The political, financial and social systems that are in place among cultures use the same tools to maintain and govern a status quo and it is by the art of psychological warfare, using the media and even entertainment that a message of obedience and consumerism is propagated to achieve the ends of those in power.

Covid is a Psychological Operation

The massive amounts of financial reward achieved by pharmaceutical companies over the plandemic is a perfect example of how effective a psyop can be and the corporatisation of governments to facilitate these big financial gains has been expanding for some time. The turning of psychological weaponry upon citizens by callous politicians is what is leading to police states becoming visible while previously they were largely invisible.

That’s why they want to control the media and the internet

The media is not difficult for those in power to control but the internet is a different animal. It takes time to censor material and although algorithms are fast, there are always ways around them for the persistent. The Great Psyop has been drawn into cyberspace through advancing technology and so this is where the battles for the mind take place. Imposed dependence on technology via an emerging computerised, social credit system is just one more string to the bow of a global corporatocracy.
What can we do? Do what mind warriors have always done, take time to observe where our diet of thoughts are coming from, formulate our own ideas and guard our reality with vehemence.

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