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Small Businesses Being Warred Upon

Over 99% of business world wide is conducted by small businesses. They provide about half of the economy and about half of employment but the one thing about small businesses that governments and big business does not like is that they are highly decentralised which means that there is an element freedom associated with them.
In the US there are approximately 32 million small businesses compared to about 20 thousand big businesses.
Big business has a lot of sway in influencing political decisions whereas small businesses has next to none, the result is cronyism and elitism in the halls of power. Tax breaks for the big boys are common place while small businesses are regularly leached upon because they are the easiest to abuse.

Big business gives capitalism and free enterprise a bad name. Politicians lobby big business because they are more easily accessible compared to the decentralised masses of small enterprises. Again, this leads to cronyism and corruption.
It’s difficult enough for small businesses to compete with large corporations as it is but when central governments are favouring Big Business as a matter of course then it is always an uphill battle for the small guy, there is no level playing field, something that government should be providing in a democracy.

It’s common knowledge that in a time of recession, big business (banks in particular) are baled out while small businesses are left to flounder. In such times large companies will become even larger while small businesses will often fold.
During the recent Covid Plandemic essential services were often chosen for the most unlikely of reasons which when inquired into were shown to be decided on big business connections rather than true essential requirements. Big Companies were never locked down while small businesses were first on the list and compensation was either non existent or a fraction of the cost of the losses that they suffered.

The risk factor associated with starting a small business is enormous. 90% don’t survive normally so when government and big business combine to hammer a new comer it is little wonder that those odds increase to the point where the little guys feel they are being warred upon.

To watch an excellent video on this topic, click here.

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