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Natural Law, Something To Adhere To

In a time when political leaders are scrambling to keep control by passing reams of confusing and often draconian laws that censor, dictate and obfuscate, citizens can’t be blamed for being bewildered and concerned about what the future has in store.
When mass psychosis presents itself as the ‘new norm’ and people we usually turn to for help have become the very monsters we seek to avoid, there is one refuge, one bastion of sanity that we can take comfort in during such interesting times, a place that can always supply guidelines and rules that can be relied upon to the utmost end, it is nature.

Call me a naturalist, a nature lover or even a pagan if you will but it is the laws and guidelines of nature rather than the discomfitures and complications of the human ego, that describes the meaning of life to me.

One definition:
Natural law‘, in philosophy, a system of justice held to be common to all humans and derived from nature rather than from the rules of society.

So, according to Natural law, the 4500 artificial (man made) satellites that revolve around the planet, along with the 18,000 pieces of artificial space junk, will eventually burn up and be destroyed because of their naturally decaying orbits.
Note that Natural law does not moralise about the rightness or wrongness of placing the satellites in orbit, it just describes what will happen as a result of them being there. Cause and effect seems to be a major component of Natural law.
It’s a Natural law that if it rains non-stop for a long period of time then there is likely to be flooding or if there is a lack of rain or a water source then eventually a drought will result.
If this just sounds like common sense, then that is because it’s exactly what it is. Common sense is one of the hallmarks of Natural law and our five human senses are the source of that common sense.

Humans are animals

Humans tend not to think of themselves as animals, they like to think of themselves as being a cut above but in fact we are a species of animal and as such have a place in nature. By having a place in nature it is wise for us to recognise the laws of nature, such as gravity, cause and effect, polarity, gender, cycles, motion and the like. By doing so we become closer to our humanness and so nature itself, something that can give comfort and expel confusion. Anyone who has a garden will tell you that just by being there, things can become clearer as the natural order of things becomes increasingly apparent.

Plants are a source of medicine for us as well as food, vitamins and all of the things that are necessary for nourishment. Trees and the earth provide us with shelter and fire with warmth while other animals can be our companion friends. Water drops from the sky to quench our thirst and fill the streams and rivers. What an amazing system, and to think that we are a part of it and can even contribute to it’s existence is a reward in itself.

In nature, rather than among the machinations of distorted human minds, that’s where the truth resides.

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